08.31.05 :: 10:47 am

It's always a crash landing the first week back at work. You can never just ease into the mire.
I'm slammed. It's idiotic requests and questions manifesting themselves in my inbox. 325 emails later, I am clueless as to how people survived two weeks without having basic communication skills, or me to hold their hands and guide them through their day.

In bling news, Ryan had to take the ring back to the store because it was the display piece and they let him borrow it for proposal purposes.

We're going in tomorrow to pick the actual stone (he wants bigger, I'm like not really) and then put the order in. It will take about four weeks to hand make.

Which means I probably won't have it in time for my 30th, but that's okay. I don't really need jewelry to express togetherness.

He's having a fuck of a time at work. I think he wants to get the hell out of Dodge for good pretty soon. But we've decided to have a new york wedding first and then see what's what in L.A.

So. A vineyard in September, is what we're thinking. Which is perfect, considering we're winos.

I came home on Saturday to discover that one of my roommates threw a party in my absence and my favorite gigunda cherry-red salad bowl was broken.
She claims the two events were unrelated.
Since I don't have proof, I sulk and pine.

On the upside, we do have four bottles of vodka in the freezer. So that there is.

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