09.29.05 :: 9:44 pm

i am too tired to find the links, but i'm sitting in my bedroom here at 624 in brooklyn, and i'm getting a little bit sad because, you know why?
i've had a lot of good times here. and no, not just nookie-wise, but just because.

because this was the first place ever where i glued the pieces of a truly shattered sundaygirl together, and where i figured out what i wanted and who i was

and i am really going to miss this room.

i am going to miss the corner where my tiny bookcase sits, and the color i picked to paint the walls.

that i could close the door and be alone and watch tv or write something down

this room served me well. i healed and i got over stuff and i experienced other stuff and i processed everything in my brain within these fifteen cubic feet.

i can only hope it gives lemur the same good karma when he lives in here.

but for now, i'm mad at him because he can't stop complaining about moving. yes, it sucks.

suck it up and let's move on.

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