2001-07-10 :: 9:31 a.m.

I find it hilarious that the younger guy on "Third Rock From the Sun" was at Meow Mix last night and saw My Boy's band. I am also easily amused.

Keeping the fingers crossed for a post-production entry-level job that starts immediately but dear sweet colossal Jesus of Nazareth couldn't they make an exception for me and wait for me until I get back from Greece because I'd make it worth their time I swear to God I'll answer phones like it was going out of style if it meant one size 7 1/2 foot in the door of the editing world come on come on come on please I hardly ever ask for anything except love and health and so far I've got both so how bout just one last ting and I swear you'll never hear from me again except to stand on the street corners where I will exalt and praise your name...!!!


Someone tranquilize me, please.

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