06.25.06 :: 6:52 pm

i kid you not when i say that saturday night was the Night I Run Into People From My Past Within One Hour of Each Other.

One encounter was with a former co-worker who is just about the coolest chick on the planet, except for my friends, of course.
If enough people decline attending the wedding, I'm inviting her post haste. She's a riot.

The other?
A former member of the ex-fiance's gang. I went into a bar to take a leak and she saw me and called my name. We played catch up and it was actually really illuminating.

Suffice it to say, she got out of that toxic mess a few months ago and agreed it was the best decision.

I mean I fucking hate to harp about it but since I get reminders of the tragicomedy I lived through every so often, I just have to reflect and marvel at just how lame and sad and childish and pathetic that group of people was/is.

The enabling that went on is just astounding. it was more intense than I previously suspected. No wonder they're all stunted emotionally. No wonder one of them had to go into therapy to handle the mental taxation.

Oh, and I was told the ex's wedding was pretty much one of the top ten most depressing events ever witnessed.
He only had two "friends" show up, as well as a fan of his former band.

Jesus christmas, my heart nearly went out to him when I heard that. Yeah. NEARLY.

You get what you put out there. I am saying.

Anyway, it's been a strange weekend.
Full of the heat index and sweat and astonishment and fun and love.

I'm almost looking forward to the work week so I can just be lulled into an autopilot daze.

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