04.24.02 :: 10:29 am

Thank the baby Jesus that the Nazi is leaving today at 4. Which means tomorrow will be fucking paradise for me. Assuming Napoleon PissyPants doesn't act up.

It's a circus in here, I swear.

My Boy gets to stay home, but lest I get all jealous of the possibility of couch surfing and Oprah and Judge Judy reruns, he's mixing his rekkid, he's working working working.

I can't wait for lunch. I have been obsessed with tuna on whole wheat for about two straight weeks now. I don't know what it is, all I know is that the deli across the street has the freshest, yummiest tuna in all of Manhattan.

Yesterday's waxing extravaganza was the most pain I've felt in about a year but it was totally worth it. I'm going to be rocking my 6 pounds less frame in a bikini in Vegas on Friday, soaking in the sun and finally relaxing.

It better not rain. I won't even say it out loud.

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