01.22.02 :: 10:08 am

I am one stomach cramp away from riding the bus back home.

Classical music this morning courtesy of the cubemate, Xanthe.

For the record, this is a complaint. Screechy-whiny violins are not the proper way to start the week.

Give me some Gas-X, Valium, and a Kahlua + coffee and then we'll talk.

Also: I don't consider it bad luck that My Boy is driving my mother and I to the bridal trunk show on Saturday. If anything, I'm going to convince him to get into a veil before the day is done.

But, I do think I need to bring an objective female along. And my mother doesn't really count.

Anyone? Anyone...?

Let's see what I can find in the kitchen in scavenge mode. I'm ravenous.

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