08.03.04 :: 11:25 am

God, I wish Dr. PS would call already with the stupid results of my stupid biopsy because I refuse to go to Greece with this weight on my shoulders.

Even if it's bad news, I want to know.

Also, this is affecting my sex life. Meaning, I am too stressed out to enjoy in the pleasures of the flesh with poor, patient, understanding Moo - who will be sainted upon his death for enduring how crabby and annoying I've been this past week.

His parents are coming to visit in September, after our birthdays, and if he hasn't handed me my walking papers by then, I will be meeting them.

In other news, I think my dog has glaucoma. She walked face first into a fence yesterday. It was heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time. If she is indeed going blind, I'll feel awful, but there's something pretty neat about having a "differently-abled" pet.

In closing, stop raining. Stop raining, and no whammies on my ute, and no terror-related nonsense in Greece.


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