02.07.06 :: 12:07 pm

our officiant sent us a preliminary questionnaire to fill out for our wedding and i'm a little shy about it.

like, i have no problem writing down why i want to marry ryan and what i love about him, but i'm sort of hoping she's not expecting me to work this into my vows or anything - i will die.

it's embarrassing to talk about such private, personal feelings in front of a roomful of people.

i hope everyone who is attending already knows how real this is without me having to yammer on about it.

i've been to some weddings where the couple went into, like, excrutiating details about their feelings and their whatever intertwined souls and it was way too much wagonhalt for me to handle.

i don't want to wagonhalt our guests.

he said to me, "just write down that you want to spend your life with me because i handle your farts like a pro. and vice versa."

for real.

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