02.10.05 :: 11:06 am

I want to die precisely 4,529 deaths today.

I want to take this impossible timeline, cram it into Puffy's mouth, and scream "You cannot create more days in a month than there already are! STOP MAKING PEOPLE'S LIVES SUCK SO PROFOUNDLY!!!"

That aside, everything rocks.
Money, in check. Health, getting better. Boyfriend, delicious. Apartment, clean and peaceful. Skin, gorgeous. Pounds, shedding. Dog, behaving.

Life, sunny.

I remembered how sad I was a year ago this time. And how the only way I could help myself was to re-wire my brain's chemicals with prescription drugs.
I think I've come a long way.

And I'm excited to see the places I'm going.

And speaking of, it's time to book two round-trip tickets to Athens, Greece. In August, Ryan will be the second boyfriend to meet my extended family. And fuckyeah he's the last.

Punch it in. Rock and roll.

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