06.01.07 :: 2:31 pm

Stash is having a birthday get-together tonight at a (seemingly) hip downtown bar and she's graciously invited me and Ryan to join.

I kinda would like to go very much because I haven't been out of the house except to buy groceries in over two months.

And I desperately need to socialize and see something other than the perimeter of my in-laws' house.

I hope Ryan wants to go.
I really don't like depending on him to have to drive me everywhere.
But then again, he really needs to drive me to the DMV so I can take my written test.

Stash suggested I tell Ryan that I'm required to go to her party, and that I will be evaluated on this at my 3 month review.
"Basically, your job is at stake."


We'll see. Sigh.

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