04.20.02 :: 5:34 pm

Even though it would terrify me, I vounteer for NASA to send me hurtling through space - should they ever discover the means to travel faster than light - and dive headfirst into a black hole, to report what I see as much as I can before gravity pulls and stretches me to the shape of a noodle, eventually mutilating me before I get to the event horizon.

For real.

Of course, monetary incentive for my living relatives and soon-to-be-hubby are required.

But I'd do it, camera strapped to my head, just to see if I could somehow survive entry and experience the eventual loss and uselessness of time.

Yes, I've been watching The Science Channel and yes every program from about noon until now has been about space exploration.

And, sadly, I have developed a crush on the wrinkled and pasty rocket scientists and astrophysicists. Sue me, I'm captive to the astronomy.

My Boy's band is recording right below me. I have steamed dumplings in my belly. And we're about to go bowl drunkenly at 7. Not a bad day.

Tomorrow, a barbecue in one of my favorite back yards. OK, in the only backyard I know. But still. The first one of the year, it's exciting. I hope it's not as soggy out as it is today.

Tummy's rumbling.

Better go drop off the kids at the pool. And yes, I did just say that. I never said I was a nice girl.

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