11.23.04 :: 7:44 pm

To celebrate my impending freedom from the prison of midtown Manhattan, Ryan and I went to a special little restaurant in our 'hood called al di la.

We ate the most incredible squid ink risotto followed by the most amazing rabbit meat ever to pass our lips. It was ridiculously decadent.

We were so drunk on the ambience and staring at each other lovingly that he blurted, "when are we getting married?"

to which i blushed like a hysterical teenager and covered my face and grinned like he proposed for real.

I don't know how to explain it. I don't even need a ring.

I replied, "well, I have a summer wedding dress that I kinda hafta wear."

He said, "You can still wear it in the snow in January with an awesome white fur stole."

And in about twenty seconds we agreed that, should things continue this way, January '06 is a good a time as any to officially say I love you as long as this life allows.

Tomorrow is a half day.
I'm so high on good feelings, I could just kill myself, it's too much.

Hey, what can I say. I'm a complicated girl.

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