11.09.01 :: 11:33 am

OK, I'm an ass. I figure I can just write about it and deal with my assiness later, when she wakes up.

Anyway. To say the least, I'm sorry for being snippy with you, girl, especially at nine in the morning.

But, well, whatever. Without having the entire nation read about it, and then email me fourteenthousandandsix questions about it, I was wrong.

But I was a little bit right.

But it doesn't even matter because it turned out to be no big deal with the peeps over at Big Makeup Industry.

So you're in the clear, I'm in the clear and PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, stop doing trashy work at cheesey nightclubs and get a job here. With me.

We belong in this hellmouth together, Rubela Boobela.





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