11.28.01 :: 10:05 am

Sweater-coats: No.
Sweater-coats with hoods: Die.

And that concludes the fashion portion of this diary. Moving on.

So last night My Boy and I went to Maxwell's to see Drummer Boy's other band play. Clearly there was drama before going. But after a talk with his buddy Droppa on the phone, it was discussed that My Boy should be very proud of the fact that he has such a mature girlfriend who is able to be friends with her exes and not to give her a hard time.

Amen, Droppa. And thank you.

So we went. And I enjoyed myself. There's something very honest about Drummer Boy's other band's music. Something about singing out a girl's name in the chorus...I don't know. It's very romantical pop music and I really liked it.

Anyway. I'm off to fax Germany their stupid translations, and I'll be singing "Eleanor" in my head.

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