03.10.08 :: 9:01 am

it was a jam-packed weekend.

we went to ryan's uncle's house on saturday afternoon where i met the rest of his ginormous family and we ate a shitton of food and chilled out in the sunshine.

it was pretty nice.

i was the star of the show, of course, with my big pregnant belly. I'm not used to so much attention.

and then sunday we got our financial shit in order with a moderate amount of angst and bickering and although there's way more paperwork to finish, at least we've made some sort of headway what with all these newfangled confounded IRA's and ING Directs and whateverthefucks and my head is just swimming.

I'm so bad with money.
And I've got to get it together because raising Oliver is going to take more than an occasional ATM withdrawal.

Wake me up when I'm having fun.

Another Monday.
Another arduous 9 hours of Winnie's whinny and babytalking begins.

I wish whoever is blasting top 40 would turn it the fuck down.
Can't we just have some morning peace and calm?

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