02.02.05 :: 1:08 pm

I have discovered four new favorite stores within the vicinity of my office and this is baaaaaaad news.

But I am resisting.

And I'm transferring high interest balances, and being a good little girl and instead of shopping, I'm just taking business cards to save for when I can shop.

I will not let that boy marry my debt.
OK, I'll let him marry my student loan debt, but not my credit card debt, goddammit!

And speaking of "that boy," he rocked me like a mamafucking hurricane last night and yeah I love him so hard it makes me just about have to pee.

And on the "Bitch-Ass Coworkers Stealing My Lunch" front, still no clue who the bitch-ass actually is. But I'm keeping an eye on that fridge, indefinitely.

Time to make the donuts.

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