07.27.05 :: 1:50 pm

talk about feast or famine.
yesterday, ry got news that he was given a very, very substantial raise - effective immediately - and he is now at lunch with his boss to talk about the details.

This means: Ry & Sunday can buy a more fabulous house than previously thought.

This also means (according to him): Ry can buy Sunday a ring befitting the goddess that she is.

And it means: Ry can quit his freelancing gigs and have a more relaxed life.

Either way you slice it, it's good news.
Because my gyno gave me the go-ahead to quit the pill yesterday.

On the road to testing out my fertility.
Don't nobody freak out.

We're still going the "safe" route. But, like Ry said, "If there's an accident, then we have a baby."

But it isn't even remotely likely that I can get pregnant anytime soon even if I tried.

Something about my incompetent cervix. I love calling it that. "You are so! incompetent!"

But yes. I hope my boobs don't shrink, mostly.
Farewell, twelve consecutive years of BC Pills.

I may or may not miss you.

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