2001-06-03 :: 5:51 p.m.

There must be some kind of outside force acting on my body because I somehow stayed out until 3:30 am at Don Hill's this morning, passing out drunk, clothed, shoed, whathaveyou, on Ruby's couch, and managd to find some kind of strength to obey the alarm clock at 6:30 am. The. Alarm. Clock.

6:30 am.

The fact that we had enough presence of mind to set the damn thing in the first place is astonishing. That I actually worked an eight hour shift entirely fluctuating from drunk to hungover is seriously the work of an outside force.

'Cause there is no way Sharon Taint is about any of this junk.

I got paid today. And told I did a great job with the masses. Yes. Sharon Taint, good with the masses.

I did have a great time last night, even though Miss Denise drove Trixi, Ruby and I up a wall. She just can't agree with you, even f it's a good point. She basically kept trying to convince me that the reason I was having problems with Tallboy in the "poop or get off the pot" department was because ALL Jewish boys want Jewish girls to marry and I was like, First of all?...Who said anything about marriage? second of all, that's NOT the reason why he's not calling me his girlfriend, it's because there's a whole underlayer of me still having feelings for my ex and not wanting to get too close to anyone and him not wanting to get close to anyone because he's trying to get other aspects of his lif in place first and it was too long of a story to get into the details of with fucking Denise, and I kept being like "No, he's not being this way because I'm a shiksa, OK?" And she kept pressing the point "All Jewish boys want Jewish girlfriends and wives, deep down,"

And finally, they had to pull me off her because I had ripped all of her hair out in one massive bloody clump.

Kidding. I wish. I just had to be like, "You're absolutely right, Denise. After all, you do know Tallboy better than I do."

And shecut it out, but i mean, gah! Talk about draining.

But Don Hill's? Rocked as usual. Got bless the Britpop and 80's new Wave Dance Party. YeeeHaaaaw!

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