11.15.01 :: 11:13 am

Proof positive that we're all just closer than sisters: All Whorenuns are riding the cotton pony at the same time. Viva! How I love my girls.

Went to see Drummer Boy's band last night, and it was sweet to see the lead singer exchange numbers with Miss Trixi T.

This mama is excited not to be waitressing Friday or Saturday nights and getting down and dirty with the HTML and Photoshop. Also, some quality time with My Boy and PlayStation 2 will be had.

I think I'll be ready to dance my troubles regarding my rent hike away on Saturday night though. Don Hill's, possibly.

Yeah so the rent's going up. Landlord said probably not more than $45 a month, but still. Come on. You put in three new windows and all of a sudden the building is a hot commodity? Asinine. But, whatever, it's the price I pay to live by myself, I suppose.

Could it snow please, now? Because I'd love a day of that quiet drifty stuff.

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