2001-08-11 :: 3:36 p.m.

I'm almost good competition for My Boy on that PS2 snowboarding game. SSX or SEX or whatever it's called. I learn quickly and then I excel.

My mother wishes I could apply this skill to full-time jobs.

Speaking of my mother, she's coming over tomorrow to clean my apartment top to bottom.

Well, she she never actually says that, but come on. That's what ends up happening every single time she's here. "I'll just wash these two dishes," turns into a curtain-vacuuming, wall-and-crevice-scrubbing, window-washing, dustbunny-sweeping marathon and ten minutes after she's done and she's on the couch relaxing with a giant glass of wine and a cigarette, she'll say "I should call my cleaning lady and have her come over here."

My mother's lost it completely.

But, whatever, she's a kick in the pants. Crazy as the day is long, but endlessly hilarious.

I'm off to Brooklyn with my girlicita tonight to see My Boy's genius/fun band. I made $22 in tips today, so I'm having a drink, dammit.

Ow. I have a scalp zit.

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