September 05, 2001 :: 10:21 am


Just as I suspected, I didn't miss my formica cube life.


This is DAY ONE of Sundaygirl's Five-to-Seven Year Plan (which, from now on, will be referred to as the FTSYP -- or "Fatsip") and we're rolling merrily along...

I had sushi last night. And wouldn't you know, I'm starting to like all that cold fishy stuff. Also, it was a sign from the heavens above that they serve you edamame right away, the second you get seated because I had been craving it insanely but couldn't find it at Shop Rite.

Yum and yum. Still, california rolls are my favorite. Gimme a break, I'm working on the other shit.

I would really, really like my $300 check from the government now, please. Thank you. Just a friendly plea.

Now, over to the "News of the Weird" department, I got two phone calls yesterday. One from Tallboy, and one from Puzzleboy. Both asking me out for hangout after-work drinks.

What is up? Are they in cahoots? Is this a joke? It's perplexing, and I need a doober. Haven't decided whether or not to go, but considering that I'm supposed to be trying to be friends with people I've dated, I don't think it would be such a big deal.

But two phone calls in one day. Twenty minutes apart. Eerie.

Sigh. Boys just can't get enough of The Sundaygirl Thang. Mama, mama, mama. Still smokin' after all these years. Heh.

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