02.22.07 :: 9:19 am

got a haircut from my friend/wedding stylist yesterday.
As per, he did a terrific job.
Worked on some art, added it to the “works” page last night. I actually learned how to incorporate Illustrator using Photoshop “smart objects” and it actually made my designing life 150% easier.
I used to have to draw those shapes with the pen tool and warp and skew until it looked the way I wanted to.

Now that I’ve sort of mastered Smart Objects, hi, hello, I just quickly lay it down in Illustrator in one step, copy, paste into Photoshop and voila! Perfection!

Movin’ on up, as they say.

And, in gastrointestinal news, yesterday I almost had a coronary episode over what I quickly remembered was just the beets I ate the night before.
Crisis averted!

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