01.03.04 :: 4:06 pm

Something got me me the other day.

Ruby called and we were just shooting the shit and whatnot, and at one point she told me that she tried on the pair of jeans that I had left at her place while getting dolled up for New Year's Eve, and that she really liked them.

I told her what brand they were and where to buy and all that and then she said,

"Awww, thanks, but I wouldn't want to steal your thunder."

This little sentence. I just don't know. But it really moved me. It wouldn't even be aan issue for me if she and I gallavanted throughout the city in the same jeans, but the fact that she thought that I have thunder to steal in the first place makes me really all smushy inside.

The past couple of days have been filled with small moments like that; the kind where they don't strike me at first but later on I'm just hit with the absolute loveliness of the people I've chosen to keep.

Slowly, slowly again we're on the up and up.

Around noon-ish today, Carla and her boyfriend TB and his roommate and I made bloody mary's with all the super special fixins and watched Top Gun. Perfection.

And tonight, The Inimitable Ruby and I rock out with our cocks out at a birthday party. Usable, suitable pictures forthcoming.

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