04.15.02 :: 3:45 pm

Oh, man, I will not be able to sit still at dinner because of the anticipation of the rock.

My Boy IM'ed me and said that he would jump up and down for an hour straight and probably zonk out the second we get home.

This is more than likely going to happen to me, too.

We brought a change of clothes to work and I'm walking outta here in jeans and docs.

Ready steady go.

Oh, and in News of the Weird, Drummer Boy apparently made out with Heavily's roommate. Which is utterly bizarre and universes should never intersect like that. Granted it was for a "video shoot" and whatever, but now this makes me paranoid that it happend while he and I were dating.

I'm not interested in the details. It's all history.

It's just one of those things where the six degrees of separation phenomenon of new york bands is getting a little too bizarre.

Two more weeks until Vegas, I need to save some energy for my slot-pulling arm.

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