11.27.01 :: 2:57 pm

So, I'm about ready to place my sticker order with Unamerican Activities and I've realized that this list says a lot about me. In fact, you might learn all you need to know about me in just this one entry than in the entire two years of sundaygirl.diaryland.com. You know you want to.

be not half-assed

call in sick

animals are tasty

avoid the stupid


hedonism now!

hook me up baby

make it stop

maybe partying will help

my macintosh rules

overthrow that shit

this cubicle is so fucking small


tip, you bastards

victory over horseshit

i am a fucking genius

death to the the wack

i love this bike

rise above

i am a bad ass

groove matters

race mixing is cool

television loves me

gotta love hotties

boy-girl unity

i (heart) source code

stop spamming me


write shit down

warm the globe

you are everyone

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