02.17.06 :: 9:52 am

saturday and sunday are reserved for creating our wedding website, bathing the stoosh-dog, and hand-embossing envelopes.

i'll play it off like it's tedious work but for real i'm kind of psyched.

watched an episode of the L Word on On Demand at 2:30 in the morning during another epic battle with insomnia.
I even warmed up some milk, which I haven't ingested since probably the fourth grade.

Nothing doing.
I am thinking of going to the doctor to get some ambien or something.

for the half hour that i did catch some z's, i had an intensely vivid dream that i had just gotten my entire left arm tattooed.

there was a tiger on my shoulder. underneath that, a girl's name ("Jenney") and underneath that, various swirls and flowers and the word "mead"

The aforementioned "Jenney" was a girl of fifteen that I had sort of adopted, I guess, yet there were these really freaky sexual undertones to the relationship.

When I woke up, I was convinced that I really did get tattooed and was in such a panic about it that it rendered me sleepless until the alarm went off.

"How am I going to explain this to my mother?"
"What have I done??"
all night long, all night, all night

i finally convinced myself that it was just a dream and that i am not a walking canvas but too little too late

i'm bloodshot and cranky.

at least it's friday.

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