04.09.07 :: 11:46 am

it feels really, really good not to care about work anymore.
i attribute my newly glowing skin to this zen i'm applying in these last couple of weeks here at the office.
that has to be it.

it's amazing how much stress can play a part in your looks.

basically, all i'm doing from now until the 20th is cleaning out my computer of personal stuff, backing up all my files, and making sure that when i leave, i leave no trace of myself behind.
I want it to be like I never existed.

In other news, Miss Linds and I had a fun Saturday night going out to dinner and then attempting to go dancing at the same place we had my bachelorette party. I say attempting because the bands they had playing just wouldn't stop playing.
And it got to be around midnight before we gave up hope of shaking our booties.

Still, we had a positively lovely time shooting the shit and drinking.

It feels like there's so much to do before I leave, and yet when I think about it, "get new contacts lenses" isn't that overwhelming of a task.

what else.
that's about it.

not looking forward to packing and loading up a truck and all that agita.
but hopefully it will go by fast and then it's me and Stoosh-dog and my sweetness on the road trip of a lifetime.

many pictures will be taken. can't wait!

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