06.13.07 :: 3:10 pm

so today i went to my new gynie, a lovely, pregnant lady in cowboy boots.
she put my mind at ease about all the garbage that's been going on in my reproductive life and it looks like we're gonna go ahead and induce a regular cycle and do a full on hormonal study.
I hope I don't discover that I have, like, undescended testicles or something horrific. I cross my fingers.
Oh, and I need to lose 8 pounds but that's another story for another day.

next up, to the dermatologist, a tiny little asian man with porcelain skin who didn't seem to think my face was as frightful as I complained it was but we went ahead and did some juicy extractions and proddings and "light therapy."
I am a blotchy, disgusting mess right now but am assured that tomorrow, i'll be looking a hundred fifty percent better.

After that, we went to the DMV which is truly a hell on earth.
Although, I have to say, the one here in California was a much more organized, orderly hellpit compared to the one in Manhattan.
The whole process took less than 2 hours, whereupon i got fingerprinted, photographed (ALL SPLOTCHY, HELL YES!) and I took the written test.


Go team!

So I am now allowed to practice driving with Ryan in the car, fearing for his life the whole way.

A very, very productive day. And it's not even over yet.
We may get new phones today too.
Oooh la la.

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