06.27.05 :: 9:42 am

Saturday night was spent cocktailing marvellously with Ruby la Roo and Doc. Ryan told me he digs these people. It's not hard to understand why.

Sunday, we barbecued the living shit out of some home-made burgers with spices and hot bbq sauce.
then barbecued the living shit out of some hot dogs.

countered all this fat and grease with a giant salad.

food coma'd in front of the television until 8:30pm.

drank two liters of root beer throughtout course of evening.

passed out blissfully in the ice box conditions of my a/c'd bedroom, stoosh and ry under the covers.

go into work this morning and discover the a/c is down. Current temperature indoors: 87 degrees.

I give this day an F, preemptively.

Plans for the 4th of July have been batted around, but it's like Ry says, "That holiday always sneaks up on me."

So for the time being, all we plan on doing is going to the beach.

My cousin Elena emailed me this morning to tell me where we're going in Greece and it turns out, a childhood friend of ours opened up an outdoor, summer movie theater on a teensy-weensy island.

So it's house rental on the beach of Antiparos island, a group of friends, and outdoor movie watching.

six weeks...

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