2001-08-06 :: 4:38 p.m.

The dog days of summer. Literally. i get a little freaked out because Stoosh-doggie fluctuates between comatose and catatonic due to the heat, but, hey, I should be thankful she's quiet at least.

Another disappointing Sex and the City episode last night but tonight we counter it with "Ghost World" and wheatgrass. OK, kidding about the wheatgrass part. The movie is my reward for drinking double shots of that nastiness.

Coney Island on a Monday rocks. The line for Nathan's dawgs is nonexistent, and I got a spot on the beach in the front row, right there by the water. I also developed a total monster crush on this girlie sitting five feet away from me because she had caramel colored skin, a fantastic mocha-colored afro tied back with a green scarf, and she had no problem whatsoever undoing her top to tan her back. And when she needed to rub lotion on her butt, she had no problem lifting herself up to do so, thus exposing boobage. And she smiled all day, her walkman on. How can you not love such a girl?

Anyway, tomorrow I'm at Basic at 6 in the morning. Nothing in this body functions until at the very least 10:30, so it will be interesting to see me scald myself on the new cappuccino machine and pass out on the counter while wiping it down. Viva Scraping By!

And scrape by I do. Moms just called to inform me how much allowance she's giving me from her account in Greece fro my trip and I was hoping on saving at least half of it to put in my account here, but it's not looking likely. Unless I eat nothing but buttered toast every day and make my own moonshine for nights out.

Good God, I leave in six days. And I hope the nightmare involvong flaming fuselage and the "Oh, honey, you'll be dead before we hit the ground" stewardess is not foreshadowing, merely my own sick and demented mind playing twisted games with me in this, my time of dread.


Whorenun-ica happened on Saturday night. Slumber party with my ladies, Oreo snacking at 1 AM, those girls are so very everything fun and right with the world.

I need a shower. Sand in my ass, sand in my ear.

Did I mention that I'm in the throes of in depth freaking love? Just thought I'd toss that out there. Cause it's keeping the heartblood flowing, no joke.

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