01.30.04 :: 10:26 am

Christ. This hangover is giving me the bedspins at my desk. I feel physically lousy but my heart, people, is all a-flutter with joy and mirth.

Last night, I joined my new boy for his friend's 30th birthday celebration at the Whiskey Ward whereupon I drank what I think was six Jameson on the rocks.

Ruby joined us as well and brought with her a copy of the new porno mag for women, Sweet Action. We had a good laugh at what appeared to be a shark-like penis, and what Lady Fee said was her favorite part of the magazine: "Well, I like that it's stapled on top..."

Later, my boylove and I got into a cab and went home, whereupon I puked my guts out and he only said "Awww, sweetie, how are you going to work tomorrow?"

Somehow, I made it in. At 10 am, but whatever, they're lucky I'm here at all.

And there's nothing better than finding an email from the boy with the subject heading "My special one."

I'm all kinds of heartwarmed and toasty on the inside. I've never felt so ill, but so... fortunate.

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