09.06.06 :: 9:54 am

have you ever heard a squirrel war?
I have. This morning at 3:45am... otherworldly screeching in the tree outside my window. I jump out of bed and head over to peer out and see what the fuck is being slaughtered.

And other people have begun turning on their lights and shining flashlights into the tree.

And sure enough, fucking Squirrel MAYHEM.

I didn't even know squirrels fought. It was BRUTAL. And it lasted an hour.

Suffice it to say, I didn't get back to sleep because I was so freaked out. Isn't it, like a sign of impending apocalypse when the animal kingdom starts losing their shit? I thought so.

All this and the invoice for the wedding is, like, ASTRONOMICAL. My mother will be living in a cardbox box thanks to all this.
And yet she's doing it all with a smile because she's either delusionally happy or doesn't want me to be upset.
A little of column A, a little of column B.

I just want it over. All of it. I want to be married and swaying in a hammock with my darlingest already.

Wake me up when I'm having fun, as Ruby would say.
Speaking of... girl. I got your letter.
And the pictures.
And you make me cry.

I cannot wait to see you, Foxxy.

And I cannot wait to see Swan as it has been over a year since our last foray into drunkenness.

SO I guess this wedding shit is a good thing. Bringing all my favorite people together from my entire life all at once.

Small price to pay.

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