02.12.02 :: 10:20 pm

I keep meaning to write how I am constantly amused by the "APT. FOR RENT" sign above the Show World Live! Girls! in Times Square



Also, this AIM convo is late-night, anything's-hilarious:

daronwy: dog show!
Peavey75: ha ha ha
Peavey75: dog show.
Peavey75: loser.
Peavey75: just kidding.
daronwy: the dog show rules
daronwy: my roommate actually WENT to it
daronwy: we just watched it on tv
Peavey75: that is hilarious
Peavey75: seriously
daronwy: it's so ridiculous that i can't resist
daronwy: those fucking people are INSANE
Peavey75: i wish there was a dog show for mutts
Peavey75: i would totally enter my Stoosh
daronwy: i like mutts best
daronwy: mutts and shiba inus
daronwy: but the fucking poodle won
Peavey75: ew, of course
Peavey75: they're ridiculous
daronwy: very. and they have saddlebags! assflaps! of fur!
Peavey75: ASS FLAPS
daronwy: at one point one of the announcers was talking about some other dog and said, "i just can't explain why i'm so attracted to the tail!" daronwy: after that, all lewd remarks required a drink
Peavey75: Attracted to the tail
daronwy: dirty!
Peavey75: so dirty.
Peavey75: those guys buy magazines with dogs in clothes
daronwy: and they love william wegman
Peavey75: Calendars IN EVERY ROOM
daronwy: it's just wrong
daronwy: one of the dogs was named something like scharfhaus sammy sosa
daronwy: and i couldn't help but think of "scharfhaus" to the tune of "brickhouse"
Peavey75: Why do they have insanely long names?
daronwy: it's like horse racing
daronwy: the poodle's name was something spice girl
daronwy: SO weird
Peavey75: They're insane. All of them.
Peavey75: "LADYSMITH BLACK MOMBAZA" and whatever
daronwy: no. shit.
daronwy: some were totally dirty
daronwy: i swear
Peavey75: People need to take a valium and relax.
Peavey75: Oooh! Shipmates is on!
daronwy: http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/results02.html
daronwy: hahahaha
Peavey75: HA HA HA HA
daronwy: there is one called Tartan Scottshire Ultra Glide!
daronwy: i feel so dirty.
daronwy: Scarf Michael?
daronwy: what the fuck kind of name is scarf michael?
Peavey75: Holy Crap this site is fucking unreak
Peavey75: unreal, even
daronwy: unreak, snicker snicker
daronwy: Ch Magic Sir-ly You Jest
Peavey75: Trumagik Tartan Trekker
daronwy: vile.
daronwy: the one about ultra glide is the worst
Peavey75: people should not be allowed to do this.
Peavey75: Is the ASPCA aware?

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