06.08.08 :: 9:39 am

I am a lucky fucking girl.

The loot I amassed at my baby shower yesterday was RETARDED.
You should've seen our car when we packed it all up to leave. It looked not at all unlike our road trip across the country last year.

The highlight: A mega super duper gift certificate to a swanky spa courtesy of my beloved Whorenuns and the fantabulous Becks. (loved your glasses, by the way!)

There was food and I got my fill of BABIES!!! BABIES!!! With their soft as pillows of angel wings skin, and their cheeks all delicious.

I cannot wait to be a mom. Is it time yet? Is it??

Best of all, today we can open everything and marvel at our new world of diapers and wipes and the scent of Johnsons & Johnsons baby lotion.

Oh, and today is reserved for importing all of Ryan's vinyl into mp3 and then making BANK on selling rekkids.

Hooray, good things!

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