06.18.02 :: 4:06 pm

With one hour to go, I just want to go home and curl up and sleep the way I found me and the Stoosh-dog sleeping this morning: her rolled up into a ball against my stomach, me curled around her.

It was heaven.

But I want my special bed partner back, too. Fast forward isn't fast enough.

After my nap, I will work on my page and then watch the hijinks of the Real World.

Possibly simultaneously, even.

Looking forward to Thursday's outing with Shane and Swan. It always occurs to me I need to be drunk with these people often, and a lot, and laughing. Which is always the case.

This weekend, the Mermaid Parade. And a day of beach fun with Ruby.

Next weekend, hopefully the postponed girly beach day outing bonanza.

And July 4th? I don't know yet. Possibly a party.

There's stuff to look forward to. I just wish I could be 110% about all of it.

In time. And by that time, he'll be back.

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