02.21.09 :: 7:44 pm

pretty much the Small One is sick or teething and I can't tell which because apparently the symptoms are the same so we have to wait it out and see if a tooth erupts or not and I am so physically exhausted from bouncing/soothing that there is nothing left to give to anyone or anything else.

Hello, parenthood.

Oh and how's my unemployment you ask? Stifling. Omnipresent. Perennial.
Realistically, I'm going to start looking at retail jobs/coffee shop for work.
Hello darkness, my old friend.

If I even had time to think about the ramifications of this horrid turn of events, I'm sure I'd be clinically and morbidly depressed.

I'd like the economy fucking stimulated and overstimulated if possible and as fast as possible. That would be great.

In happier news, went to Ladies' Crafts Night at Fussy's house a couple nights ago and although I don't do anything crafty with yarn and shit, I'm pretty great with a glass of wine, let me tell you.

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