09.02.05 :: 9:49 am

Ryan went ahead yesterday and tacked on an additional huge chunk of cash to the total of my engagement ring because he's a stickler for details and he has OCD and couldn't deal with a less than absolutely perfect stone.

Personally, I can't tell the difference between VVS1 and VVS2, or D and E grades or a .5 carat difference in size and all that stuff.

I'm pretty much "Ooh, sparkly!" and that's it.

But whatever makes him happy; it's his money.
I just hope I don't lose it on the subway or down the drain. I have been known to be astronomically stupid in these matters.*

Today is a half day and I'm getting my bangs cut and rocking this weekend like I don't even know what.

(*see: the time I accidentally sucked my mother's Tiffany solitaire necklace into the vacuum and shredded it into near oblivion.

I rule.)

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