12.28.04 :: 9:37 am

best! belated! xmas! ever!

Ryan came home from Cali bearing many gifts for me. One of which was the coolestlittle swiss miss knit hat and some Nara tchotchkes and a gorgeous vintage crystal necklace ...

and the piece de resistance, an iPod!! That sunofabitch got me an iPod! And he got it engraved, too, with a line from my favorite TV show of all time ever. It says on the back "robot roll call..."

And I named my new little buddy "gypsy" and I'm the happiest girl that ever lived right now.

He also damned near plotzed when he saw his Ted Baker shirts. And thankchristfully they were the right size and oh my God I just love him so much.

He's the most thoughtfulest, awesomest bunny ever.

We watched Napoleon Dynamite and then afterwards couldn't stop saying "guh!" and "that's incredible."

I'm too excited to type right now. And to think that yesterday I was saying to him, "I don't know why I'm uploading all my cd's onto my computer. It's gonna be ages before I can afford an iPod."


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