12.03.04 :: 9:37 am

I absolutely cannot get out of this stinking office fast enough.

I've had it with the people I work with and for and I can barely conceal my contempt and hatred for them.

As a little "fuck you" sendoff, I've gotten a hold of an extra pass into the super-swanky, super-exclusive company holiday party.

Every year it's the same drama. Every year it's the same stupid, chi-chi location (The Metropolitan Club), and every year we aren't allowed to bring a guest because they've blown the $500,000 budget allotted to this disastré on fucking Russian caviar, Japanese women in traditional garb serving sushi, and ice sculptures with champagne streams.

Well, not this year, fuckers.
This year, I'm bringing Ryan with the extra invite I found.
And we're gonna clean the place out. I told him to bring a big bag.

I'm so ready for this weekend.
Good Lord, it's only 9:45

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