Thursday, Aug. 30, 2001 :: 2:10 am

OK, I'm a little more focused now that I've spent an evening out in Athens with Alexandra and I've had a few vodka lemonades.

These things below, these are things I might explain later, but for now, I just need to put them down so I can remember them always and go back to them ... I figure, fuck it, they were written in green ink on a Minoan Flying Dolphin barf baggie, so they're important to me somehow... anyway.

For whoever cares besides me, here are the inside jokes that kept me afloat and sane and happy these past weeks:

starguided skinnydipping
final backgammon score: 17-8
personal constellations ("Nio-nio," "Iguana's foot")
"I put 500 drachmes in the money box, therefore, I do not burn eternally," "Oh, yes you do."
Halfway to Naxos, we see the port's lights: "Mercy!"
"The Skipper hates you, he said you get the the cot by the toilet."
The Skipper
No running on the deck. "How about breakdancing?"
Little white houses with blue shutters, from here we can't tell which one's ours
Pippins: "We're way too old for you, but buy us a drink."
Alleyways like mazes, wave to the donkey-riding old men
Beach naps
buying a newspaper after a week: "Who are these people?" "Uh...that's the President, for one..."
Soles of our feet blackened and rough: "Grab me that knife," "Oh, ewwww!"
On various menus throughout the islands: Stuffed cock, cock in tomato sauce, big fried balls, baby goat in pot. "Yes! All of it!"
"This girl, she is full of chantila."
Ouzo backgammon tournament, Day 4: "It's game over if I can no longer see the over."
Clocked in the head with a sail: "If you're not bleeding, the Skipper doesn't want to hear it."
"Die, Greca!"
It's possible to disappear completely
Vissinada in Andros
"Turn me over when I'm done."

And I'm done. For right now, at least.

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