2001-08-02 :: 5:16 p.m.

So Dr. C took a look inside my petunia and felt around and scrapey scrapey into the jar off to the lab fingers crossed you guys we need negatives in the dysplasia department ifyaknowwhuttamean.

But she said "everything looks great," and that got me thinking, ew! I can't imagine my freaking insides looking good, you know? It took me years to recognize the outer beauty of my Petunia, but the inside? I'd rather not know. Although last year I did get treated to a vividly detailed color picture of my cervix from my operation and that was, um, informative....to say the least.

Results in ten days.

Until then, I'm not gonna dwell on it.

Showered and now so fresh and so clean, clean, and going over to My Boy's house of style to watch him clean his room and such. Maybe later we'll drink? I need something rum-soaked soaking my liver right now.

Hopefully, this Saturday, my Nuns come and play at my house and sleep over. Fun! Times!

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