09.19.01 :: 9:23 pm

I just watched a 2 hour BBC special on the history of bin Laden and the complexity of the American/Afghanistan relationship and how the Soviet Union ties into all of this and, I am now so fucking well versed on the birth of terrorism that I can go teach a class now.

But besides that, a lot of things make sense now. And they're easier to swallow.

Anyway, enough. It's three days till birthday glee. I know I'm excited as all get out. I hope people show up. I don't want to feel like the lame unpopular kid in school who has a birthday party and ends up talking to the punch all night while records spin to an empty room.

But, since Ruby's behind it, I have a feeling they'll be peeling us off the floor. Face down. On the sticky floor. Live it.

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