06.19.03 :: 9:39 pm

I'm taking a smoke break from all this freaking packing and it's just starting to occur to me that I am not going to see the boy that much anymore.

That it's really done this time. And there is no more one more try. We made a go, we made a mess and that's that.



It's really strange to think that he will meet someone else and I will too. And my babies will be someone else's. My mind has not fully wrapped itself around this. Even in the worst of times, I thought he was it.

Why am I saying all this now? I don't know. It's nothing. Forget it. There is not one part of me that wants to know what happens to that ring. It's too sad.

I hope there is good luck where I'm going next.

Anyway. I'm packing this iMac up. The home office is now closed.

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