11.02.01 :: 9:37 am

Now is not a time for New Yorkers to revert back to bitchiness, what with the Yankees pulling off miracles right and left and all, but this morning, a lady complained to me twice that my foot was too close to her bag.

As kindly as I could without the a.m. jolt of caffeine in me yet, I replied that if she was so worried about getting her bag dirty, then she probably shouldn't put it on the floor. Of the subway.

I mean, really. I know it's early, but where's your brain?

In other local news, I work a 13 hour day today. Gotta get home and put on the waitress gear. Make those bucks.

Saving up for a who knows what, but it's big and it's coming to me. Maybe it's a 5,000 square foot loft.

A girl can dream.

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