05.11.06 :: 9:50 am

It's been years and years since I set foot in gym and I have to say, wow. Technological advances have made it possible for me to run three miles while watching J.Lo shake her moneymaker.

And yes, I did run three miles. As an equally impressive interesting sidenote, I happen to run an 8 minute mile.

Which I am told is no small feat for someone who only runs when in danger.

I'm happy to know I can certainly escape imminent harm should the need arise.

Today, I feel like I've been worked over good and proper by Satan and his minions but I'm aware that I've done some good to this bloated carcass I call home.

My weekend is starting to form into a williamsburg-ish mass which is good for my wallet, but not good for my well-being.

We'll see what turns out.

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