11.20.01 :: 2:40 pm

It has occurred to me that the next place I live will probably be with My Boy.

Not to jinx, or anything.

It will be the second time we'll be roommates/luvverz.

I think, however, this next time coming, it will work out much better.


I bought a pair of sweet grey trousers at the GAP for 20% off because they were the last size 6, and they are defective.

I love defective stuff that doesn't look defective.

These pants, one pocket is useless. Like, sealed shut.


Tonight: 2 places to go. I will try to go to both, seeing as I only have to be at work for only four hours tomorrow.

Denise's party. Hmmm. This is a tough one. I would go if I absolutely knew for sure that Foreign Guy wasn't going to be there.

We met at one of Denise's parties. I really don't need to relive those days.


If I had insurance, I'd get an MRI done. To see what is up with my daily.fucking.headaches.

Alas, I will die of brain rot.

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