04.05.02 :: 12:22 pm

It is going to be a great night tonight.

It doesn't even matter that when I deposited my check yesterday, I thought the screen was joking when it showed me my balance.

It doesn't even matter.

And I'm spending tons of cash to stock up for tomorrow night's girlparty, and it doesn't even matter.

Because My Boy is about thisclose to becoming a demigod of rock. I say demi because we must be realistic. But a god nonetheless. It's a feeling I got in the marrow of my farthest bone the other day when we were sipping Cokes out of plastic cups in the Thunderbus. I got a feeling that some time in our future, we would actually not worry about money, and he would have a proper studio. And that people would know who he is.

I so want to be a band wife. But not the kind that gets cheated on or gets Hepatitis C like Pamela Anderson.

A cool band wife. Who's in a lot of the paparazzi and press pictures, but who's still kind of mysterious and hardly gives interviews and goes to awards ceremonies only sometimes, and gets recognized only in stores when they see my last name of the credit card and they ask "Are you by any chance related...?" And I go, "Yes."

I'm getting way ahead of myself.

Hoboken tonight.

Soon, the world over.

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