12.06.04 :: 8:15 pm

so. obvi drunk i come back from the company holiday party and what an affair.

every year - what an affair. this time Ryan got to experience the insanity with me...
except this year i was a minor celebrity of the "oh my god, you're doing Puff Daddy's fragrance!!?" variety and talking with my immediate soon-to-be-boss who's words were comforting and awesome. "It's going to be amazing, and crazy, and fun."

And so it goes.

Fourth annual Estee Lauder Idiotic Holiday Affair of Gluttony and Excess comes to a close, with roughly six glasses of premium champagne in my gut, and

as far as Ryan goes

he was even more of a hit than my new position.

"Who is that guy? Is he new?"
"Settle down ladies, he's my babymaker."

Sweet mercy, ya sluts.

Come on over, 2005. I'm going to rock you like a fucking hurricane.

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