05.14.07 :: 10:26 am

i got the job.
i motherfucking got. the. job.

too early to discuss details because i think i'm still not supposed to talk details but let's just say that I've now catapulted myself into another tax bracket via a $35,000 SALARY INCREASE from what the asshats at Diddyland were paying me.

How I managed to negotiate that one is beyond me. I think when I asked for it, I sort of let myself envision a plasma TV and several pairs of Louboutins in my possession.

Perks include: 5 free pairs of kickass jeans (their brand) a year, and something called a "clothing allowance" which i don't even know what but i can totally get behind that.
Besides obvious dental/medical/whateveral, this is a pretty sweet deal.

And in 90 days I'm eligible for a PAY RAISE.


Now if only I could menstruate on time every month (give or take), my life would be at 110%

Hooray for LA!

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