11.09.01 :: 10:27 am

My Boy was stellar last night. God love him and his band. Surprisingly, Drummer Boy showed up. It was really cool, though, becuase there wasn't any tension and everyone loves the guy. He even asked Sweettits to sing backups for his band's recording. Cool. It really feels good to keep him as a friend.

The double shift is calling me tonight. 9-5 in the trenches of the makeup industry, and then 6-12 serving the food to the hungry masses. I hope this time people tip better, and realize, whatever, it's just pasta they're making a fuss over.

And then tomorrow morning, 10AM, My Boy, Stoosh-dog and I load the car up and go to Pennsylvania, to camp out and eat baked beans under stars. Give it to me.

This day will take too long before that happens, though.

Tsk, tsk. Such a little tease.

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